Icheon Ceramics Story

History of Icheon, and Ceramics there

The story of Icheon usually starts together with story of ceramic art. While going through the era of Japanese rule via the Bronze Age and the post-period of Joseon era, ceramists who reproduce the beauty of Korean ceramics have grown. In the post-period of Joseon era, they gave up ceramic business in order to evade being selected by the Royal Family. Even so, the life of the artisans remained alive and they became responsible for the hidden history of Korea's ceramic art.

At present, there are still many ceramic artists are working in Icheon that has inherited the beauty of Korean ceramics. They are writing a new history to created beauty comparable to that of the ceramics made by ancestors.

To suit another name `Heart of Ceramic Art,' there are many celebrated ceramic spots scattered in Icheon. Many traditional kilns were built starting in 1960's and the Icheon Ceramic Art Village enjoyed a boom in ceramic industry with the visits of Japanese tourists. The Ceramic Art Village has taken root as a site of rich ceramic culture along with economic growth of Korea. At this ceramic exhibition, visitors can meet some 60 traditional kilns and the ceramic masters expressing their own ceramic art world, by celadon, white celadon and a variety of practical ceramic works that can beused in daily lives.